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Frequently asked questions
  • Why should I choose Mariner's Yacht & Ship Brokerage over another yacht broker?
    Many individual brokers will sell you one of the vessels they have listed. An expert at Mariner's Yacht & Ship Brokerage will find the yacht that best fits your needs; one that is in the best shape possible and will broker the best deal for you. There is no pressure to buy and we give you our honest opinion of any yacht you are considering to purchase. If it is not a good deal, we will tell you so and then we will work to find a better boat and deal for you.   back to top

  • Is a broker required to be licensed?
    At the present time only California and Florida have license requirements for yacht brokers. Both states require a background check, mandate the use of separate escrow accounts, and require that brokers be bonded. Mariner's Yacht & Ship Brokerage is both licensed and bonded in California.  back to top

  • Surveys and sea trials, who pays for what?
    The buyer pays for all of it, except the cost of a captain if the seller can not be there. The seller must get the vessel ready for sea trial with enough fuel on board, charged batteries, dinghy motor operational, all options on board and everything working. The buyer pays for a surveyor and with larger boats should have an engine survey done also. The vessel needs to be hauled out of the water and usually the surveyor wants to have the bottom pressure washed, to be able to determine if the vessel gets to the proper top RPM. If the propellers are covered with barnacles or other growth, the seller might pay to remove them. The cost of all of this varies with your location, and is best determined with local surveyors and boatyards.   back to top

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