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Career Opportunies 

Yacht Brokers Needed!

Mariner’s Yacht & Ship Brokerage, Inc . offers; growth, independence and flexibility in a rewarding career as a Yacht Broker. Mariner’s is expanding to increase our national footprint. Now you could become a part of our professional team recognized thru-out the industry.

Visualize yourself establishing rapport and trust with boat and yacht owners, consulting with them about selling their boat (Their Asset).

Ever think you might be selling a yacht in Australia, or a 200 ft. Yacht in Chicago, Charleston or Miami? How about you becoming  the "Dream Maker" for a family selling their boat so they can upgrade to a more comfortable yacht to satisfy their needs.

Picture yourself in your “Office” walking the docks, marinas, yacht clubs and the like.

As a Yacht Broker you have a prestigious position that carries a great deal of ethical obligation. Clients trust you as their yacht broker for professional assistance finding the right buyer in the shortest amount of time. Clients trust brokers to insure they pay the right price for the right boat.

You will be able to join prestigious professional organizations such as the California Yacht Brokers Association, Yacht Brokers Association of America, The Florida Yacht Brokers Association and the Northwest Yacht Brokers Association. You will be a player in local and national boat shows.

As the sales manager of a very expensive and emotional asset you will be trained in the proper marketing, analysis, and financial considerations a seller and buyer must know to get the best deal at the right time. You will be a powerful consultant to the owner.

With more and more people getting into boating/yachting, and many more moving up or down in size, they need assistance from a professional.

Today, many years after the Internet was introduced, the older, more conventional brokers are unable to manage the market and are getting out of the industry - they did not change with the times. You need to be at the level of consultants with Microsoft, Apple, General Motors, Cisco Systems and many more.

Managing Yacht Broker

Accomplish the duties of a yacht broker and then coach a team of 5 or 6 yacht brokers to their success (and earn revenue from that success). Help others become successful and reach their dream career. This is taking your career to a higher level, and creating even more independence for yourself. Developing others; is considered by many as the most important task one can perform. Ever desire a 7 figure income? Apply yourself and it can come true.

Regional VP and Yacht Broker

Do you have the desire to build a regional brokerage, including Managing Yacht Broker Offices, and single Yacht Broker Offices? This position can have 20 to 30 managing and regular yacht brokers. Create a Brokerage region encompassing the Pacific Northwest, New England, Great Lakes, Mid Atlantic, Gulf Coast, or establish your own region with Mariner’s Yacht and Ship Brokerage, Inc. help.

“Interval Mega-Yacht Ownership” Broker

This is a unique broker position that sells Interval Yacht Ownership shares to individuals of wealth, using sales tools of web-conferencing and power point presentations. For the right person this person can be incredibly successful at Boat Shows, Yacht Clubs, Association Meetings and other organization meetings. The successful candidate will exclusively deal with Doctors, dentists, Professional Athletes, Actors and their agents, Lawyers, Accounts and other successful professionals.

What is happening in the Industry?

The Yacht Brokerage industry is largely made up of family owned brokerages. These brokerages operate as they once did 20-30 years ago. There has been no formal training in ethics, contracts, customer service, professionalism or negotiation skills. There has been no significant change in how they do business even though the industry and the buying public have changed significantly. Each broker deals with his or her business in his or her own unique way. Clients cannot rely on one standard system of service. Mainly, clients cannot rely on a current marketing plan to sell their boat.

National Information:

(A national survey, provides this information about Yacht Brokers)

                  The typical Broker/Owner earns $120,000 per year however the top of the range is $995,000

                  Percentage of boats sold sail vs. power is 50/50.

                  All brokerages responding work year-round

                  Number of brokerage boats sold, per broker, per year on average 33

                  Average asking price per current listings $87,000

                  Average number of brokerage boats listed per broker 30

Who should consider this career opportunity?

Only an experienced Yacht Brokers and Boat Sales Persons who have a successful background as an independent broker or boat salesperson or as a dealer salesperson should consider this position.

For those without direct experience, training and business development services are available to you:

Corporate such as CEOs, Vice President level, Directors; Business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate brokers/agents, fireman, policeman, hospital professionals, those who are looking for a business opportunity, those of us who just can't work for someone else, insurance agents, sales reps, real estate agents and those who want to better their current status. Qualified persons who want a prestigious and elegant life style with the drive to be self-motivated are the individuals to succeed. Our training can take a person with some marine experience and give him or her  the formula to change careers and become a true success.

What skills are needed?

                  Be able to set your own schedule and work it

                  Ability to work from your home office

                  Ability to use the phone for contacting leads provided by Mariner’s

                  Organizational skills

                  Presentation skills

                  Net-working skills

                  Ability to follow specific procedure for closings

                  Ability to adhere to a High Code of Ethics

Being optimistic, people oriented, demanding excellence in your career, and a desire to help people is important. Selling skills and negotiation skills are helpful.

A customer relationship orientation is critically important.

Think of this as a LIFE-STYLE, and not work or a job.

The industry is one of the last lucrative industries left in the World, it is almost impossible to get in, unless you have years of experience and a book of business.

We provide those without that book of business the opportunity to get into the industry by entering our business development courses and using the services we provide to get to a level of a 20 year veteran within months.

You can work from your home office, or if you like, you can open a "Store Front" in a marina. You can create an Associate Marina and take up brokering from that office as well.

You live your work. Your office is the docks, and meeting with boat owners. Attending the world’s largest yacht and boat shows in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, San Diego, Newport Beach, Seattle, Newport RI and Annapolis is a benefit many in the industry only dream about. You are there helping the world boater.

Make no mistake, this is not an offer that is too good to be true, you will have to learn, practice and work smart. What we provide our brokers is a business development program and the opportunity to join a team that will support them in their business growth allowing the them to focus on what is most important (what makes the money) - building and maintaining relationships with their clients, letting the company focus on the administrative aspect of the business.

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